British or American English?

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, varieties of English include British (including Irish), American, Canadian, Australian/New Zealand, India-Pakistan, and South African English. Each of these varieties features a number of local or regional dialects. The list must be amended with a nonuniform and rather undefined variety called International English used by non-native speakers of English around the world. Among the native varieties of English, the most common are American English (approx. 225 million speakers) and British English (approx. 55 million speakers). Although it is debatable what in fact is the standard of British or American English, linguists frequently use the terms Standard British and General American to refer to the models of these two varieties that are most frequently represented when teaching English as a foreign language in language schools or courses of English around the world. And these two varieties are represented in the Say It Right program. All words, phrases, sentences, and texts have been recorded in both versions and the users decide themselves which variety they want to learn. Switching between the varieties is very easy. All you need to do is to press the appropriate button in the application (UK/US).