About the course

The Say It Right course features:

Seven years after its creation, the Say It Right course has been significantly remodelled. Following the opinions of the program's users, we have introduced a number of changes, which – we believe – will make it even more attractive and will expand its functionality. First of all, the program will now be available for various platforms – from desktop computers and laptops to smartphones and tablets. You will, therefore, be able to use it at any time or place. The contents have been enriched with vocabulary that came into being in recent years. We have added a phonetic transcription of all the words, phrases, sentences, and even the texts. We have changed the way the recordings are played back – pressing the button “Play all”,  you will still hear the speakers pronouncing all the words, phrases, and sentences from a given exercise, but if you press the button "Play with pauses”, there will be a short pause after each of them, allowing the learner to repeat the given text unit after the speaker. In “Common words", we added a function that allows for a selection of all words from that exercise or only words selected by the learner on the basis of the word frequency ranking. The user may also select words on the basis of the position of the sound practiced in the word (initial, medial, or final).