Privacy policy

Privacy policy

We shall call this website the “Service”, while the term “Device” will be used to refer to the end device which you use to connect to the Service, such as a PC, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

Personal and other data

Your personal data, which we ask you to provide during the registration process, will be administered by Motivex, ltd., whose contact information is given below.

We process your personal data in the Service for the following purposes:

  1. Your log-in data may be used for the purpose of enabling available services.
  2. Your personal data are processed in order to carry our the sales of products and may be made available to entities responsible for delivering the Products, such as Postal Services, Couriers etc.

When you connect to our server, the Service system logs information regarding the IP or MSISDN numbers, as well as the type of Device and operating system that is being used.

You have the right to access your personal data in order to make corrections. During the Registration process, you will be asked to provide your personal data, which is discretionary, but please, note, that refusing to provide your personal data makes the completion of the Registration process impossible and you will not be able to use the provided services, including the purchase of products.


We use cookies. Cookies may store information regarding the parts of Service used by the Visitor in the past.

We use cookies for the following purposes:

  1. to enable the use of the Service, specifically the Registration, logging into the application, servicing the User’s account, sending information about any changes in the operating of the Service,
  2. gathering statistical data and carrying out analytic research
  3. maintaining the continuity of your session after you log into the Service. This is done so you don’t have to repeat the log-in process on each subpage of the Service,
  4. guaranteeing the security of the session.

By selecting appropriate set-up options in your browser, you may agree to our storing and accessing the cookies (by accepting the cookies) or may refuse your permission (by blocking the cookies). At any time, you may delete the cookies using the appropriate option of your browser or operating system. However, we make it clear that deleting, blocking, or refusing to accept the cookies may lead to problems with the use of the Service or even render the use of some of its functions impossible.

Contact the Data Administrator at:

Motivex sp. z o.o.; os. B. Chrobrego 2/65; 60-681 Poznań; +48 601 701 064