More than 200 video recordings and sound animations

When learning a foreign language, we usually imitate our teacher in all linguistic aspects, including his or her pronunciation. Listening to the teacher, we not only hear his or her pronunciation, but we can also see his or her face. Both of these elements are the strongest stimuli for the learner, although they may not always be sufficient. In most cases, we are unable to observe the most significant element – the movements of the tongue. Therefore, preparing Say It Right, we have created color animations which show the positions of the main articulators during the production of a particular sound. Animations are scalable and can be stopped at any moment, for example, at the exact place of articulation of the sound. Additionally, short video films show a native speaker pronouncing the sound and a word containing that sound. This allows the learner to observe the speaker's facial mimicry, especially the mouth movements and the tension of facial muscles. The animations are accompanied with short and practical descriptions of particular sounds.